how to find good blog post ideas

9 tips to find good blog post ideas and fire up your creativity

Have you been lacking inspiration to find some good blog post ideas for your business?
Are you staring at your screen with no motivation and wondering what article to write so that people will love it… 

That’s okay, I had that all the time when I began my blog! But I discovered some good tools to find a ton of ideas in no time… Now I have a new issue, it’s to find enough time to write all of these articles, but that’s another subject 😉

So let’s fire up your creativity!

Always stay alert to ideas for your blog:

It’s good when you find some good blog post ideas to make an amazing article, but it’s better when you can remember those ideas right?

You never know when THE AMAZING IDEA will arise, so be prepared!

We always say:

I will remember this one for sure!

But how many times we forget in reality… Don’t take the risk to miss a good subject!

I always have something on me to write down my ideas or tasks to do. 

It can be your phone, an audio recorder, a notebook or whatever, but have something to keep all your good ideas. It’s also good to have something organized and not 1000 pieces of paper in your pocket. When you will search for the article that you wanted to write, you will know where to look 😉

The best note app:

Personally, I use my phone with an app called “Evernote”, it’s really good and I can link it to my phone and computer. It’s so practical when you keep switching between your phone and your computer when you work. I do that so much…

In this app, you can write, put pictures, record your voice, and so many other things! I just love it.

If you want, you can download it here, there is a free version and for me, it’s enough: Use Evernote

Logo evernote

Use brainstorming

We all heard about brainstorming. But do you really use it and do you use it well? If you don’t know what a brainstorming is, it’s a time when you just let your brain run free and put everything that comes to mind on paper. 

You just take a subject (like what article I can write) and you write down everything… I said EVERITHING! So, don’t judge your ideas, don’t think about it, don’t ask yourself if it will work or if it’s possible, just let the ideas flow on the paper.

This is the first step. After you will review all your notes and choose what is good or not.

This is a very powerful tool, it can bring a lot of content ideas, don’t underestimate it 😉

Different types of blog post ideas

When you search some content for your blog, it can help to know what type of article you want to write and what article has the most power to attract people to read it.

So, there is a different type blog post that works really well and it’s safe to say that if you write this kind of content you will have more visits on your blog!

How to…

The first type of article is the “how to” type it means that the title of the article will start by “How to…?”. 

For example:

  • How to meditate when we don’t have a calm space?
  • How to be able to do the split?
  • How to find a good subject for your article for your blog?

The list article

Another one that works very well is the list of different tips or practical solutions to an issue. Normally the title has a number on it like “X stuff to”, “X tips for” or “X book that”. 

For example:

  • 7 books that changed my life
  • 5 yoga exercises to do every morning

The definition article

You can also write about vocabulary or a concept in your niche to explain it or share your position on it. For example, if you have a blog about traditional Chinese medicine you can write about :

  • What is the five elements table?
  • What is traditional Chinese medicine?
  • What is Chi/Qi and how to develop it?

Story article: 

The last one is the story one. Write about your experience or an event that taught you something about your domain. I am not saying to write about everything you do in your life but share some mistakes that you went through or lessons that you have learned. It’s a very powerful type of article, it will grow the connection between you and your audience, you will help them not make the same mistakes or maybe even inspire them…

Don’t do this all the time, because it’s not the type of article that will bring the most visits on your website most of the time, but they have a lot of power to get people to connect to you, they can be shared a lot on social media, etc. And we all love a good story no? 😉 

Facebook groups and forums

Facebook groups and forums are a good place to find good ideas. In this place, people ask a lot of questions and share the difficulties that they are going through. Look for a subject or a problem that comes back often and you can write an article about it and share you own solution about it.

Find the posts that have a lot of likes or comments, it’s a good indication.

facbook groups for meditation
Some facbook groups with “meditation” key word

Inspire yourself with other creators in your niche

It’s good to see what other people in your area do and how they do it.

You can check for the articles that have a lot of comments or sometimes they have an area with their best articles, like that you will know that a lot of people are interested about this subject. When you find this kind of post, you can share your own advice, experiences, way to talk about it.

Important! I am not saying that you should copy it, let’s be clear about this!  Just inspire yourself and see what is working for other people. After this, the point is to talk about it in your own way, bring even more information, value and take a different angle. Just make the subject yours…

Youtube chanel 

Same as with the blog, you can check out youtube chanels in your domain and search for the videos that have a lot of views or interactions. A lot of the time it is a very good subject for your article.

What is the problem that you are encountering now or had in the past?

Remember, when you were a beginner in your passion. Remember the issues that you had to encounter and how you surpassed them.

It’s very good to go back to the beginner’s eyes. Sometimes it’s a good solution to find some issues that your readers also have. When you find one, just talk about it and maybe give a solution to resolve it 😉

You can also find some problems that are happening right now and write about it.

For example, if you have a blog about martial arts, one issue that everybody has encountered is that they have hurt themselves during the training.

So why not write a post about :

  • How to prevent injuries when you train?
  • How to heal quickly from your training injuries?

Ask your community 

If you already have some people that follow you, one of the best ways to find a subject for your article is to just ask them!

  • What questions do they have? 
  • What articles do they want? 

You can make a survey in your newsletter or on your social media and ask for their opinion. 
They will be very happy to participate on your blog and feel that you listen to them. 

If you already have some clients in your workshops, coaching, healing sessions, conferences or else, it’s the same. There are always some questions that come up again and again. So, answer them on your blog, it will interest a lot of people. In fact, you will save time when people ask you these questions, you can make them read your articles if you want 😉

Write your blog post ideas on google search box

Google is a good way to find inspiration. You can write some keywords related to your business and find some related sentences or words that will inspire you.

If I tape meditation on google a series of following word appear. This words are the most commonly search with this first key words. Your historic search or position in the world can affect this result so keep that in mind when you look this key words.

meditation key word on google
Top keys words with “meditation” on google search

With these keywords, we can find some blog post ideas like :

  • 5 best meditation music for practice
  • How to find a good song for your meditation
  • 10 best quotes about méditation

It’s not always amazing ideas and some are not usable but sometimes you can find somes very good topic with that.

Have fun!

Don’t forget to like what you write! If you have some subject that you just want to write about because you find it fun or you like it, go for it even if you think it will not interest the reader that much, it doesn’t matter. And maybe you will be surprised.

With all of this, it is safe to say that you will never be lacking inspiration for your articles! 

And you, do you have some techniques to find a good subject for your article? Write it in the commentary section bellow, I am always happy to find some good ways to boost my creativity! See you soon 😉