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Business Awakening program: Early Bird Access

Here you can find the first information about the platform Business awakening !

This is a presentation of the project that I want to create with you ! All of this content can change and be adapted with your feedback !

The plateform is not yet created for now. I just want to see if there is enough people interested by this project. If enough people subscribe to it, we will start this amazing adventure together and I will create the platform with your feedback step by step !

For this, I created an early bird offer for the people who will help me start this project ! I will explain everything below !

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or content that you would love to see in the platform to guide you on your journey !

What is the content of this program ?

  • An online platform to help you create your business online or have a part of it online. In this platform, you will find all the tips, theory, tools and steps to create an awesome business. Different modules and subjects will be discussed in videos that you will be able to watch (you will receive a mail every time that a new class is available for you !).
  • A place where I will put all the ressources that I use for my own business (apps, methods, etc.).
  • Some bonus content, like interviews, website analysis, videos from other content creators that helped me etc.
  • Unlimited coaching with me (direct Whatsapp to ask questions or video calls for more specific help, overcome fears and obstacles and have more clarity in your business).
  • Group coaching session, 1 per month. We will exchange with all the different people in the program to exchange tips, ideas, ask questions or just help each other. This is also a good way to motivate ourselves and be part of a group energy and maybe create links between all of us to grow together and maybe make projects etc.
  • Group telegram with current events, little tips etc.

The program of the module 1 and 2 are already created and it will go like this : 

Module 1: find your mission

If you start a new business :

  1. Welcome + (how it will go, what to expect, unlimited coaching, group coaching etc) -> WordPress how to install it etc.
  2. Find your mission in life (Ikigai) + other tools
  3. Why internet activity is awesome
  4. Find your business idea + one or two blogs + how to brainstorm
  5. Validate your business idea + general or specific
  6. Find the name of your blog and business 

If you already have a business : 

  1. Welcome + (how it will go, what to expect, unlimited coaching, group coaching etc.)
  2. Why internet activity is awesome
  3. Find your mission in life (Ikigai) + other tools
  4. Draw your business and ecosystem and validate your idea
  5. Time to find your new direction what you really want in your life

Module 2: make a step

  1. Letting go of the old and welcoming in the new, the importance of testing + make a step into the unknown
  2. How to use your wordpress website 
  3. X indispensable plugins and how to install them 
  4. Why and how to create good content to succeed 
  5. Fire up your creativity !
  6. Why beeing yourself and authentic is the best way to succeed
  7. How to deal with fears and overcome obstacles
  8. How to make a goal and why it’s not the perfect solution 

Ideas for modules 3 to 6 (these modules are not finished, these are just ideas of what will be in the content)

Module 3: create your universe

  1. How to create content and value to have new clients
  2. How to reference your content to be seen ?
  3. Welcome the new
  4. Build your business
  5. Try new things, explore
  6. How to communicate for your business
  7. Create your Mailing list and bonus !
  8. How to give your bonus in exchange of email ?
  9. Guest articles and carnaval article
  10. How to create videos ?
  11. Tools for making videos

module 4: and balance your life

  1. Time management and your to-do list
  2. Patience during the few results period
  3. Do some tests !
  4. Work with an open heart (universe)
  5. Start coaching
  6. See what is working or not (adapt)
  7. Try a podcast !
  8. Focus your energy
  9. Mailing list part 2
  10. Expert interview !

module 5: move forward

  1. Get more traffic with this awesome method !
  2. Mailing list part 3
  3. Organize a contest !
  4. SEO referencing part 2

module 6: become who you truly are

  1. Create your product or adapt it
  2. Start earning money and selling your product
  3. How to mak a good product launching
  4. Adaptation and automatization
  5. Free yourself and shine !

And much more !

PS : This is just the first plan of the class

One Year

This class will be a full year class to launch your business. To make a business work, it takes time and we need between 6 months and one year for that in general. That’s why, the point of this class is to guide you through all this year of creation and realization ! You can take more time to do it or less, it doesn’t matter but I am creating it for a year’s rhythm 😉

After one year, you can stay in the program to continue to have the group coaching sessions and get some new classes that I will continue to add. This platform will continue to grow.

 I will also probably create a mastermind group in the futur but that’s another story 😉

Price :

Early bird access : 200 euro per month (220$)

Build the plateform with me ! No change of price if you stay subscribed !

This offer is only for the first people who will join the program. The point is to build the platform with you with your feedback and ideas to make the best platform possible. In the future, the price will be different but if you subscribe to this early bird offer, your subscription will not rise, you will always pay 200 euro.

OR one payement of 2200 euro/2440$ for 1 year for the program (1 month for free).

1 month guarantee !

If you want to stop the program during the first month, I will refund you completely.
No questions asked !

Unsubscribe when you want and stop your subscription at the end of the month !

If you are interested let me know by sending me an email at this address contact@business-awakening.com

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else to ask me 😉

You can contact me on my social medias or by email : contact@business-awakening.com