overcome your fear of making video

Overcome the fear of making videos – Challenge 10 videos in 10 weeks

Do you want to start making videos for your activity and help people with it but you are a little bit shy or have blockages or fear to be in front of the camera?

Maybe you think you’re laking experience and you don’t think your video will be good enough…?

Maybe you have been procrastinating your videos for a long time now?

I have also this issue and I think the only way to make good videos and to surpass our blockages or to overcome the fear of making videos, to just start doing it and train. You will make better videos slowly…

Yeah, I know, it’s easier said than done, a completely different story… We procrastinate, come up with some very creative excuses, and, in the end, we just don’t do it!

I do the same, that’s why I thought it could be awesome to challenge myself to, finally, not only start making my videos and but also to help people make their own. I told myself it would be even better if I wasn’t alone doing this challenge and having a group of people who motivated each other to do videos. That way it will be harder for me to find excuses as to not do it because other people will do it with me.

From this talk with myself, an idea just popped into my mind: I will do 1 video per week for 10 weeks and I invite you all to participate with me!

What is the purpose of this challenge?

Starting your first video:

It’s easy to postpone the first video all the time and to never begin doing it. We tell ourselves, “this video won’t be any good. No, I’m too scared to do it. People will dislike me,” or another one of these thoughts. The result is that we wait for the perfect moment when we won’t feel that anymore to be able to start our first video but this moment will never happen. The only way to get rid of this fear and thoughts is to just do it! So one of the purposes of this challenge is to just start and put this first video online.

Overcome the fear of making videos.

It’s normal to have fears when facing the camera, most of us don’t shoot commercials or videos from the age of 4 and become used to being filmed by a camera. So when we have our phone or a camera in front of us, the fear starts to appear and we don’t know how to get rid of it.

I think it’s just by doing it while feeling the fear but choosing to do it anyway. This fear will slowly disappear and we will get used to being recorded.

Gain experience and find your own style

At first, it’s so hard to be yourself in front of the camera… I don’t know about you but me, when I get in front of a camera, I just become another person and, when I look at the footage, I’m like, “who is this person that I’m looking at?” It’s so hard to be comfortable and to shine in front of a camera.

I am very good at talking in front of people but, when it’s with the camera, I just become this robot who talks without emotions and light.
BUT IT’S NORMAL! The more you do it the more you will be comfortable in front of the camera, and the more your true self will shine in your video. You will find yourself and your style by just making more videos.

Being part of a group

Having other people around who are facing the same challenge or the same difficulty is an opportunity. When you’re not alone, you can find support in others, you can find motivation, you can challenge yourself to move in a good direction and be efficient. It’s like doing sports, it’s easier to do it with others or with a coach than doing it alone at home, well, at least for most people. This is why I want you to join this “10 videos in 10 weeks” group to enjoy this common energy of transformation and evolution!

My Big challenge:

Maybe you already know but I’m from Switzerland and my mother tongue is French. As a matter of fact, I was very bad in English at school and I learned it very late. I started to learn while watching TV shows in English. When I really improved myself was when I started traveling. It changed everything. I had to improve and to become better in English very fast and I did!

I’m still not perfect at all and everyone can see that I speak also French when they hear my accent, haha, but I love speaking English, I can share my words and messages with so many more people, it’s awesome. That’s the reason why after doing my french business, I wanted to do this one in English.

Anyway, to come back to the main subject, for me, it’s a totally new experience to record myself in English and to make videos in this language! A lot of different blockages are in my mind like, “if they don’t understand me enough or if people make fun of my accent or if I’m using the wrong word, etc.”

Everyone is the same, when we want to go out of our comfort zone, a lot of not helpful thoughts arise and we find excuses to not do it… For this reason, I want to do this challenge to overcome all these fears and to become better at sharing my messages in English, and I think that making a bunch of videos will be very good for that!

For all of those reasons, doing regular videos is awesome because you gain so much experience that your videos will become better and better each time. That’s why I want to do this challenge and invite you to follow it with me!

overcome the fear of making videos

Some content during this challenge:

During this challenge I will share:

  • my issues
  • solutions
  • advise
  • tools
  • methods
  • etc.

I want to write some posts about making videos and to do some videos about it. I want to give you value and I want to grow together in this fun adventure that is starting to make videos online, so that you can share your message with the world and to help more people!

A telegram group

I also created a telegram group where I will share a lot of information about all of that and give you some direct feedback about this specific challenge.

Join the Telegram group

Why you should start doing videos?

Videos are one of the most powerful methods of communication that you can use… I’m not kidding! In a video you use your voice, your words, your body, images, etc. to express and transmit a message. Videos use so many senses that people feel more connected with your content and you.

The only way to be more direct is to be in front of people and talking directly to them. The closest thing to that are videos so in that way, it’s really powerful. Videos are an amazing tool to use in your activity, your business, and your communication to reach more people and also to improve your way to be in service to others and help them in your own way.

When the challenge will start?

I will start on the 27 of April! BUT if you read this article after this date it’s totally okay, just start now anyway because I think that doing this challenge can help improve a lot your way of doing videos!

It doesn’t matter if the challenge has already started or even ended, you can do it by yourself and at the end of this article, you will find all the resources that are linked with this challenge. So, just start now your first video and continue for 10 weeks!

What will be your first video and what is the subject of your activity (channel)? Let me know in the comment section below to motivate each other! Have an amazing day and just remember to be yourself. 😉

Videos of the challenge :

Video 1 : Spirituality and making money – It is okay to make money by helping peoples ?

Video 2 : How to be yourself to succeed in your business and life ?

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