how to make your first youtube video

How to start making your first video on Youtube?

Why making videos for your business is essential ?

Videos are one of the most powerful content that you can create !

People will see you and hear from you. It’s one of the ways to create a good interaction with you. It’s one of the most engaging tools that you can use. 

Also, some people don’t really like to read these days and watch many more videos, so it’s a means to reach all these people that are more auditive for example. 

So let’s see together how you can do a really good video step by step and the tool that I use etc.

Find a good video subject :

Before doing anything else, you will have to find the subject of your video. What do you want to transmit, teach, or reflect about in your video? What is the subject and why do you want to share it? 

In choosing your video subjec,t there are two ways to do it :

Finding what people want : 

For that, you can use some tools like google keyword planner to be able to see what people are searching for or you can start doing some research on blogs or Youtube channels that have the same kind of theme as you and see what works the best for them. It probably means that people are interested in this subject and bring another point of view on the subject or more information on it. You can also ask your community if you already have one, to see what they want to know, what questions they have.

google keyword tool
I use the subject meditation on google keyword planner to see that a lot of people are also interested in vipassana, sleep meditation, and mindfulness… It can be a good subject of videos if you talk about meditation in your blog or business!

What you really want to talk about 

Asking people is very good but maybe you have a subject in mind that you really want to express, something that you want to transmit and to share with the people that watch your videos. For that, you can do a brainstorm or you can use some tools that I have shared in my article about finding a good blog post idea. it’s the same process for videos.

Now that you have your subject, let’s find a title for your video! Yes right now! Why ? because having the title of your video before recording it, will make your video more specific and better. You will avoid going in every direction in your video and finding out that you have recorded 2 hours of discussion that goes from talking about the breath and finishes by talking about your lastest travel in the jungle, in Peru. Both are maybe interesting but together, I don’t think so…

And it’s not because you already have a title before recording that you can’t change it afterwards if you find one that fits more to it!

How to find a good title for your video?

Make people dream and want to click !

A title needs to be appealing, it needs to make people want to click on it !

For example, which title do you prefer?
My latest vacation in the Amazon Jungle
How did I surpass my fear of spiders in the Amazon Jungle?

the second one is more fun right ?

Yes, I hear you, you can’t invent stuff and lie to make people click on your video and you are right! It’s very important to be honest. If people expect something by clicking on your video, you need to give them that! If not the will feel tricked and nobody likes that right?

The point is to be truthful about the reality while still focusing on the good parts. You want to make your subject shine and put the spot on it and to make people see how good it is!

Let yourself go crazy on this process and have fun !

  • You can use coshedule to analyse your headline, it’s not perfect but sometimes it can help a little bit 😉

Making a script or a plan

Again before recording, I strongly advise you to know a little bit the direction in which you will take this video. What is the purpose of it? What emotions do you want to bring to people and what is the main goal?

There are a lot of methods to make a script for your video. From the people who write everything and repeat it in front of the camera, to the ones who have keywords on a piece of paper and improvise all the way !

The goal is to find YOUR way to do it and find what works for you.

Here are some methods that you can use or help you find your way :

  • A mind map
  • Title and subtitle 
  • The keyword script
  • the reading script

How to record a good video? 

Now that everything is ready, let’s record this video! What can you use for recording? What equipment can you use? 

If you just start making videos and don’t have a big budget, the best is to use your phone and to maybe invest in a microphone to plug into your phone. The quality on the phone right now is just amazing, so you don’t need the last professional camera to make a good video. 

A phone, a tripod and a microphone and you are ready to record!

Sound before footage

When you do a video, the more important in it is the sound! It’s okay to watch a video with a mediocre image but when the sound is bad, it’s just awful, you will probably close the video right away. Sound is the most important part of your video, that’s why I will advise you to first buy a microphone, before any other investment in your equipment. 

Which equipment to use for video recording :


  • Use your smartphone
  • tripod
  • microphone


How to record your screen ?

Maybe some of you want to record your screen to show stuff on your computer or you want to present a PowerPoint during your video and just talk on top of it. 

Or maybe you’re not ready to show your face on video right now and you want to start with one of these methods.

This is totally possible !

Here there are some solutions to record your screen :

Windows (free) :
A very good tutorial to record your screen on windows.

See the tutorial

Mac (free):
You can use Quick time player and a microphone.

See the tutorial

Windows and Mac (not free) :
You can use Camtasia with a microphone

Download Camtasia

How to deal with the fear of making a video

Let’s talk about something that a lot of people will have to deal with : the fear of making videos !

I know so many people who have this fear, I had this fear…

We have the fear of being in front of the camera. We have the fear of being judged about our way of talking, about our body or the content that we want to transmit. We are afraid to be on the stage and to shine! We fear to be ourselves and worst, to be not liked for who we are!

So how to get rid of this fear ? 

The only real way is to start doing it… the first one will be uncomfortable. The second one will still be uncomfortable. The third one and so on will be less and less and less. The more you face your fear, the more you will see that nothing bad really happens and the easier it will be! At one point, doing a video will be totally normal for you, you will have to gain resilience about your fear! I actually did a challenge of 10 videos in 10 weeks for exactly this reason and it helps me a lot to get started.

 Also it’s important to know that :

  • Your first video will probably not be seen by a lot of people!
  • It’s normal to be afraid of making videos, since it’s not something that you are used of doing. You are not born with this skill, so you need to learn it!
  • You will not be good at your first video and it’s okay but the more you do it, the more you will find your style and the better the videos will become!
  • Some people will not like you ! You can’t be liked by everyone, it’s true in this situation but also in your daily life, so just be yourself!
  • You can edit everything when you do video. It’s not live so you can get rid of mistakes, of the stuff that you don’t like or redo some parts again…

What to put in your first video

  • Introduction:
    Who are you and what do you do to welcome people in your Youtube channel?
  • The content about the subject 
  • Conclusion and call to action (subscribe, follow, buy, etc):
    When you finish your video, it’s always good to have a little outro and ask people to do something, they can subscribe to your channel or one of your social medias or comment the video. It can be any action, the point is that you have people’s attention so it’s the best time to ask people to do something. 

How to edit your video

There are a looooooot of options to be able to edit your video, some are free and for others, you need to pay. I advise you to start with a free one if you don’t have a lot of budget and for starting, it’s good enough!

When you will start to do more videos, to buy an editing app can be really good because the free one can be a little bit annoying sometimes. You will gain a lot of time with some more professional apps.

It’s always about finding balance between money and time.

Some editing apps that you can use :

  • Camtasia
  • Movie maker (free)
  • Imovie (free)
  • Final cut pro (buy once)
  • Adobe premiere pro (monthly)

Now it’s time to talk about Youtube!

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. It means that a lot of people use Youtube to find answers, to get knowledge, entertainment, advice, etc. Actually, a lot of people ask questions on Youtube and find the answer on it, just like when you write something in the google search box… 

Youtube is right now the best platform to put your video content on it and I think after your blog, it’s the second most important place of your ecosystem. 

You can also put your video on Facebook and Instagram and I encourage you to do so. But Youtube is still the best and you need to put your videos on it.

How to put your first videos on Youtube to get the most of it?

exemple of title and description youtube video
An example of a title and description for one of my Youtube videos

Write a good video description :

  • Summarize the content of your video in one good sentence and use the keyword you chose to focus on in your title.
  • How to follow you: put what you want to promote your video. It can be a link to your product, to your socials media and your blog.

Add an end screen to your video :

  • you can promote one of your videos and engage people to subscribe to your channel.

Publish your video or schedule it!

Promote your video

  • Promote on your different social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Put your video on your blog. It’s also good to put the script of your video for good SEO
  • Put your video on Facebook video and Instagram TV too
  • Answer all the commentaries you can if there are some

After your first video :

Now that you did your first video on Youtube, you will just need to continue and to find a rhythm. The best way to grow a community with your Youtube channel but also with your blog or social media is consistency. I mean that you need to find your rhythm of publication and to create new videos, maybe every week or every two weeks, depending on your style. But with one video per week you will probably go quicker than if you did one per month!

I hope you enjoyed this article if you have another question about videos, please ask me in the commentary section, I would love to know wich information you would like to see me talking about ! See you soon !