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Who am I


My name is Yannick and here is my story :

I grew up in Switzerland in the countryside of Geneva.

My childhood dream? Traveling around the world and exploring it! I had to wait a little bit for that…

When I had to choose which job I was going to learn, I started a multimedia school, why? Because I didn’t know what to do besides that… So why not? I finished it and started to work but it was not my thing at this specific moment. I wanted to work on myself, open up new opportunities, have a good mind, a good body, and develop myself. So I started to learn mental coaching in Paris, beside my work and created a failed online business in video games. 

I learned a lot but still, something was missing and my teacher was not really a good guy but this is another story. So, I finished it and I asked myself, now what? What do you want to do with your life?

I had three things that I wanted to realize :

  • Having my own business
  • Helping people and guiding them 
  • Exploring the world by traveling and learning more about spirituality, healing, and life 

But around me the vibe was more about having a job, starting your life, having a car, etc you know the song right…Not a lot of space for all these dreams… And I was so lost and uncertain at this moment that I started to ask myself maybe it’s not for me to travel, maybe it’s better to stay here in Switzerland, maybe start to study again, get another diploma and start a life. But NO! I’m stubborn so I didn’t care and I decided to follow my dreams anyway and to just go for it!

So I :

  • launched a blog about happiness and how to have a good mind in a good body in French: www.zenergisezvous.com to be able to earn money while traveling.
  • found a place in China where I wanted to go to continue my personal growth by learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and Daoist medicine.
  • started looking for all kinds of jobs to earn money and put money aside to go travel for two years in Asia with my wife Brittany and study in the temple in China. 

I did 2 jobs at the same time plus my business for a while.

So for two years, I put all my effort into this direction, growing my website, working in two small jobs that I could find (not easy to find a job in Switzerland…) And it worked! The budget for our travel was growing, my website received more and more visitors. I tried my best to stay consistent in putting content on it, even if in terms of engagement it was not incredible, not a lot of coaching and response. But I stayed focus and continued!

After these two years, Brittany and me had finally enough money to leave Switzerland and to start our journey in Asia! It was a dream come true… And believe me it was awesome! We went to Sri Lanka to volunteer in a Buddhist temple, traveled in Thailand with friends, and went to Japan for our honeymoon! I just love to travel but there is one issue… In the work area, I worked a lot but I didn’t feel complete, I didn’t know where I was going. We can say that I didn’t felt the purpose of my website. I felt completely blocked and I couldn’t post anymore. Something felt wrong inside of me but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The traveling continues and we enter China to go to the temple that I dreamed to visit and where I wanted to train. 

Believe me I was not ready for it… 

It was a life-changing experience, I suffered, I laughed, I cried, I asked the big question to myself: who am I, where I want to go, what is my purpose in this life, how can I help people with it?

In this special place, all my beliefs, dreams, and direction in life just fell apart. The work part didn’t survive also and I asked myself : 

Why do you have this website, what is the point, do you really want to do that and help people in this way, is this really who you are, your true purpose, your destiny? I start to go deep in myself.

After this existential crisis in my life, I continued to train in the temple and started to have some answers about myself and life. I never felt that good and in alignment with myself before. I left the temple and continued my journey to work on myself and with this question in mind: How can I be in service to others?

After that, life started to put stuff in my way to show me a direction. It was like I was exactly in the right moment, at the right place to grow, open my mind, and evolve.

It took a while and I can tell you, it wasn’t always pleasant. But I wanted to find my true self and my purpose, so I tried my best to take theses opportunities and continue my journey.

I also started to see what was wrong with my first business Zenergisezvous, it was a good website, there is a lot of good content in it and I’m sure it helped a lot of people but I was not talking from my true self when I was making content for it. 

I was not authentic, I was trying to please everyone, I didn’t want to take too many risks to be too different, I was not myself.

From this, I decide to work with my true calling and not against the current. 

I decided to start shining, be myself, and accept my true calling to be able to be in service to others!

I realized also that it’s not so much about what job you do but more about why you do it what is your true purpose, what do you want to bring to the world. How can you be in service to others? And for that you have to know yourself and be yourself, not the version that people or society wants you to become. 

So I decided to start something new, something that was more me, that was using all the skills that I accumulated in my life. Business awakening was born! I wanted to help people make their own activity to be able to share a good message for the world, a message that will be seen and help them live from this activity but also what I wanted to do is make people shine for who they are and to make them able to share this light in them with the world. 

What I want to do is to help people become who they truly are…

Here it is, it’s my life story until today. Now I am working on this project and I have already helped some people with their businesses but also to overcome the obstacles that come their way. How to be authentic in their activity, how to shine, and how to be able to have a business that helps a lot of people and that work for you. It’s all about balance 😉

Now I’m still traveling and I just love to live this new adventure that is Business Awakening. If you want to follow my present adventure you can go on Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed my story and now you are free to explore this blog, to find a lot of tools and advice about having a conscious business. You can also see my videos on Youtube.

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See you soon and I wish you a beautiful day!

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