why you should create a blog for your business

Why you should create and use a blog for your business?

I know some people that spend a lot of time growing a community on Instagram, Facebook, social media for their business, or any other online concept. If there are absolutely no issues to use them, I think it’s kind of risky to put everything in it.

Why? Because you don’t possess your social account, so you are completely dependent on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or else. If they decide for any reason that they don’t like your content, they can just delete it. They also choose with their “algorithm” if your content has to be seen or not.

So maybe you will work a lot and build something great with a good community on this kind of social media, but you have to understand that you can lose everything, anytime, if they decide so.

That is why I prefer to build my ecosystem around my website/ blog. The website belongs to me. I have the domain and I can do whatever I want on it (just have to respect the law), it’s so much more stable…

Yes, some other stuff can happen and I can lose everything too, nothing is permanent, but it is so much safer than social media.

You can share knowledge that will make people discover you

I love the possibility to share free knowledge on my blog and create some sort of a big library filled with experiences, techniques, thoughts, or information.

People have access to all your universe and knowledge in one place and you can share so much with them. 

They will also have the possibility to discover you when they have a question because they will ask this question in the google search bar (or other search engines) and they will find the answer to their question that you have written on your website! As long as you have worked well on being in the high-ranking results, but that’s a subject for another article 😉

Your blog will still work for you in the long term

I’m not a huge fan of social media, you are starting to see that 😛. Another reason why it’s because everything I do on it will last for so little time… 

When I post something on Instagram for example, I work a lot to have a good picture, I write something that brings value and that takes a lot of time! After I post it, some people see it and put some likes, etc. But after a few hours, it’s finished. Almost nobody will see this picture again… So, I will have to start again with another one and again and again.

On the contrary, when I work on an article that I post on my website, some will still come to see it years later! For some articles, when the time passes, I have more and more views on it. 

So, you work one time on it and it will keep working for you day after day, it’s so powerful! And the best thing is that it will cumulate! If you have 100 articles, those 100 articles will continuously bring you some visits… It’s like a snowball that becomes bigger and bigger when you roll it! When you have 100 pictures on Instagram nobody cares 😉

Save some time and energy with your blog

The best power of a blog is that the time that you invest in it will be very rewarding! When you write an article, it will work for you for a very long time!

Another great way to save time and energy with your blog is to answer some of the questions that you are always being asked.

I have an example: if you do a yoga class, maybe a lot of people will ask you how to be able to do the split. So, every time, you have to share the exact same answer and spend a lot of time to do that. Why not write an article that explains every step on how to make a split on your blog? Like that, you can just link the article that you have written, and people can follow it step by step! They will be very happy, and you can spend this time to do other stuff. 

The perfect place to sell some products after

If you want to create a business or you already have one, it means that you want to be able to make some money to live with it. Maybe you already do some courses, retreats, healing, or sell some products or books. A blog will be the perfect tool to offer your services and to create a list of contacts (mailing list) who love what you do. 

More personal and real than social media

I love to be able to express myself freely and to be able to be authentic. I find hard to do that sometimes on social media because you have to fit certain standards for people to see you. I think it’s easy to lose yourself by being “too perfect” on it. Like Instagram, for example, everything has to be nice and perfect to catch people’s eyes. But most of the time, this representation is kind of “fake”, it’s not representing the real world. Life is not perfect and always beautiful…

In my blog, I feel free to share in a way that is more “real”. I can write long articles with argumentation to share some complex ideas (hard to do it on twitter 😛) and I can talk about everything that I like or think that can bring value to you.

My blog is the center of my ecosystem and the rest gravitates around.

I use social media too, but it’s not my main focus. It gravitates around my blog. Personally, my blog is the center of my ecosystem, it’s the most important place where I share my best content and where people can find a lot of information. I share a lot in my articles and when people want to have more guidance, they just need to contact me to have personal advice and a step by step method.

And you? Do you use a blog for your business and why do think it’s essential?